The Royal Albert Hall Show 13. Oktober 2013

Introduction by Ron   from the west coast
Al and Dave alone
House of clocks
In Brooklyn
Al said the sound system was good but I thought his vocals were a bit harsh, preferred the mis at RNCM in manchester.
Gina in the King's Road, no dancing alas
Peter White joined them and played keyboard on 
Time Passages
Is this a good song or a rather dull one? Some super instrumental interludes though
Early rap song, Soho needless to say
Gabby Young and Steven something joined them and also Paul someone else. Sorry chaps can't read my notes
a bit of Tubby the tuba
Night train to Munich with Dave on violin
Tim Renwick joined
Long story about ex lovers eaten by prawns intro to
Dark and rolling sea then a direct merge into to the Modern Times seagull bit which got me all excited that he was to play MT but no
Lord Grenville, there was a bit of reverb on the vocals
On the border.  so what would get your vote here? OTB with a big band? as here or with an extended guitar meandering by Dave?  hard to choose, both are great
a bit of feedback on this
Midas shadow, very smooth , liked this, started v slow but speeded up. Dave brilliant
Sand in your shoes, a really really good pop/band version with Peter White and Dave on keyboards and straight into a really rocking version of  If it doesn't come naturally, leave it. With Phil Kenzie on sax.  My favourite, maybe of the evening but not a subtle version. Rocked though.
Flying Sorcery.  Al said this was probably his favourite on the album but I prefer a more subtle version. <y personal favourite version is that on Rhymes in Rooms.  Dave still on keyboard, peter on guitar
Broadway Hotel Dave on violin, PW on keyboard, Al got a bit confused, stopped in the middle and said " where the hell are we going with this?" conferred and then said to pick it up at verse 2.
One stage before with a new arrangement by PW. 2 electric guitars, PW on keyboards Al and dave on acoustic. an amazing outro/ending with  drums and percussion drums Good.  Joe Beckett? on percussion. Stuart Elliot on drums.YOTC  PW on keyboard as piano with a lovely wandering intro.
So how could they follow that?  But a standing ovation and they did.
The only thing really, the ideal encore and I feel so privileged to have heard it
Roads to Moscow with a full band. and gabby and Steven on vocals.  probably perfect, actually it was perfect.  I never thought I'd hear this with a full band

Great evening and to meet old and new friends, sorry have to stop now, it's late  and Mari is sleeping but Sally and I are finishing the bottle.  Next stop Southampton where Al has already told us we have to dance.  Hoping to get a request in too.All best wishes 
Jude    and Sally and    Mari

Sally will post about where we went before the show and where we failed to go today. J