Cambridge, 21. Mai 2015

There was a good crowd at the Corn Exchange, not quite full but only seats with poor visibility not filled.
Dave opened with a 3 song mini set.
The first song was completely new to me , Dave said it would be on the next album, but I didn't catch the title. It was something like That's not me. He seemed to be in good form and was more chatty than previously, taking time to talk about his songs.
His other two songs were old favourites-
Say Goodbye to the Elephants
The Loyalist.
Dave said something I thought was interested. - that Al says people don't want to hear new songs rather they want to hear songs they are familiar with. I don't agree, I like to hear a few new ones and even songs still in development (like Al did with Class of 58).

Al then came on stage and they sang
House of Clocks
Al talked about his grandfather clock which he no longer had as it was too big to fit in his apartment.
(Marc Macisso came onto stage)
Night Train to Munich
Al talked about the song, Django Rheinhart and spies
(Tim Renwick came on stage)

Al talked about the recent election, the one coming up in USA and Presidents, (a good one followed by a bad one) and the about Warren Harding. he said that he thought the audience had suddenly gone quiet and suggested he could sing Lord Salisbury instead but sang WH anyway.

Talked about John Masefield, Bob Dylan etc as he did at RAH to introduce
Soho ( Needless to say)
Time Passages

After a 20 minute break they played Year of the Cat -fantastic acoustic performance from 3 great guitarists.
At lot of what Al said during the second half was similar to what he said at the RAH.
Can't remember now which song it was but something different he did say was that Dave would jump up and down if he got applause after his solo. He played a great solo, Al grinned and encouraged the audience to clap. Dave duly bounced up and down.

Two encores
Sheila Won't be Coming Home with audience participation.
And an absolutely fantastic That's alright Mama

Another great evening.