Ludwigsburg, 01.11.2008


Square Peg Blues (Dave solo)
Say Goodbye To The Elephants (Dave solo)
Firewomans Daughter (Dave solo)

House Of Clocks
Flying Saucery
Angry Bird
A Childs View Of The Eisenhower Years
On The Border
Clifton In The Rain/A Small Fruit Song
Gina In The Kings Road


Midnight Sea (Dave solo)
Thing Of Beauty (Dave solo)
Greatful (Dave solo)

Bedsitter Images
Hanno The Navigator
Nighttrain To Munich
Apple Cider Reconstitution
Midas Shadow
Running Man
Peter Gunn/Year Of The Cat


Joe The Georgian
End Of The Day  



Und nach der Show:

Nachfolgend die Bilder von Rüdiger Quinten. Da fiel die Auswahl wirklich schwer!