Frohe Weihnachten und alles Gute für 2008!


17. Oktober 2007

Benjamin Django Nachmanoff has arrived!

Sophia is now a big sister! Benjamin Django Nachmanoff (known as "Django" to us) was born Wednesday, October 17, 2007 at 1:37 pm PDT. At 19 inches long, he weighed in at 6 lbs, 13 oz.

Jen and Django are doing great! Thanks to everyone for all the good thoughts and wishes. And thanks very much for the wonderful gifts! But we have enough "stuff" here in Nachville -- so buy my CD's instead! )

Lieber Dave, auch von hier die besten Wünsche an Euch!

28. September 2007

Neues Album für 2008!

Hier der Abdruck der Original-Mail von Kim Dyer, die Al`s offizielle Website verwaltet:

Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 10:45:23 -0400

From: kimbis@........com

Subject: Now it can be told

I can officially let the cat out of the bag.

Al and Laurence are working on a new album! It's in pre-production right now, and they're hoping for a late spring or early summer release. Appleseed has already committed to US distribution. EMI is not committed yet, but probably will handle UK etc. distribution. (No, I don't have even a working title.)

UK etc. tour is in the talking stages for next fall.

And the Disneyworld shows today and tomorrow ... STEVE CHAPMAN WILL BE ON DRUMS!

- -- Kim

 22. September 2007


Kleine Geschichten rund um Al, die in unregelmässiger Reihenfolge veröffentlicht werden.
Zu finden unter dem Menüpunkt "STORIES"

Danke an Neville Judd

05. September 2007

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum 62. Geburtstag, Al !

August 2007

Mittlerweile sind es schon drei neue Songs, die Al während seiner Amerika-Tour spielt:

- Pass The Ball
- Long Time Gone
- Wrong About That

Das lässt ja so einiges hoffen...


August 2007

Und wieder habe ich hier eine Mail von Neville Judd, die ich so weitergebe, wie ich sie erhalten habe:

ein Bild

August……….Topanga, Beckham and Ys

We thought that it would be fun to share with everyone what we did this past month.

As most of you know, after having not performed a complete show together in over a decade, Al and Peter played the beautiful LA town of Topanga Canyon on the 5th - The photo above was taken at the show.

There will be more about this nearer to Christmas but suffice to say that the evening was more marvelous than anyone could ever have expected .Peter is a genius – http://www.peterwhite.com There was no rehearsal and the interview sections throughout the show were a lot of fun too.

The Theatricum Botanicum is a beautiful place to play a show like this as you will see – http://www.the-waltons.com/theatre

During that week I spent some time with Al and it is clear that his songwriting is thriving with him now living back in LA again. Most afternoons he sits at the piano composing and yes, he and LJ are continuing to assemble demos for what may very well be a new album. I will keep you posted. In fact they are working together next week!

‘Pass the Ball’, Al’s new football song (which was clearly inspired by David Beckham, believe me…..) was written at the piano. I will let Al tell you more about it–

“Well, it almost wrote itself, like some songs do. I had this one line ‘At the centre of the field, stands the favorite player….’ And I sat and thought about this and asked myself who he was and that was it! It was quite a quick song and I like singing it a lot. Will it end up on the next record? Will there be a next record? Who knows?....but yes, I like that song."

In case you have been living under a rock for the past 15 years this is who it is about

Al has an eclectic and well connected group of friends and one day at a restaurant in Brentwood LA recently, he was having dinner with Gary Wright who was friends with George Harrison who was in the Traveling Wilbur’s with Jeff Lynne – http://www.travelingwilburys.com/theband.html

And who should join them for dinner but that ex member of ELO and The Move himself. Apparently a great time was had by all and Jeff also sang Year of the Cat to the dinner party!

Al also made me sit down and listen to ‘Ys’ by Joanna Newsom.

Words cannot do justice to this record. It is beautiful and transports you to a place that is like no other. You need this CD, you really do. Again, it is called ‘Ys’. Here is Joanna Newsom’s site

Fast forward a couple of weeks to the East Coast and Al and Dave played an eight day long East Coast Tour that included the beautiful Old Meeting House in Francestown NH. Here it is

It is a beautiful part of the country and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a relaxing weekend. At that show, for Year of the Cat, Al and Dave were joined by a truly wonderful and talented young man called Matt Savage. You should check him out. Their performance that night is up on Youtube. Here it is-

I was very lucky to see Matt play and wish him every success….although I have a feeling he is going to do just fine! Here is his web site

A few days later there was a show in a school hall in Ramsey NJ. That afternoon, in his New York City hotel room (and on the hotel’s note paper no less) Al composed another new song called ‘Long Time Gone’ which he briefly ran through at the sound check before a more complete pass in the dressing room at dinner time. He then played a flawless version of it at that night’s show. So that was composition to performance in 6 hours. Not bad!

To me it sounds like a Chris Isaac, Roy Orbison song (another Wilbury connection, what can it mean?) and is similar to ‘Rest in Peace” in many ways.

Ramsey was a fine looking town too. Here it is –

The trip ended in Jim Thorpe PA this past Saturday and Al and Dave played both ‘Pass the Ball’ and ‘Long Time Gone’. It was a fantastic weekend. Here is the town a few years ago

So that was August. See you all out there soon I’m sure ……… Neville

26. Juli 2007

Manchmal kann es von Vorteil sein in Amerika zu wohnen:

Peter and Al to play together again ………

ein Bild

Yes it’s true! On Sunday August 5th the dynamic duo will re unite for a one off show at the Theatricum Botanicum Amphitheatre in Topanga, near Los Angeles.

ein Bild

Quelle: E-mail von Neville Judd, einem engen Freund von Al

06. Juli 2007

Marc Almond (Soft Cell) veröffentlicht ein neues Album

Diese Zeilen hätten auf einer Al-Stewart-Seite eigentlich nichts zu suchen, wenn, ja wenn es nicht eine Besonderheit auf "Stardom Road" gäbe:
Marc hat nämlich Al`s "Bedsitter Images" gecovert.
Hörprobe gefällig? Dann bitte dem Link folgen:


April 2007

Al spielt neuen Song

Glückliche amerikanische Fans!

Auf seiner derzeitigen Amerika-Tour, die Al in gewohnter Manier mit Dave Nachmanoff spielt, haben die Fans die Gelegenheit einen neuen Song zu erleben: "Passed The Ball"

Ich zitiere jetzt mal im O-Ton Dennis Whelan von den Al Stewart Friends (Yahoogroups), der die Gelegenheit hatte, Al zu dem neuen Lied zu befragen:

"Al spoke about it before he played it in Doylestown- more extensively
before the first show.

He said he had been sitting at his piano in LA and the song just came
to him quickly. He said he thought o that probably the move by David
Beckham to LA was probably part of why the song came to him.

The basic story of the song is of a football (soccer) match in the
last minute of the game. The star gets his "foot" on the ball and
manges to eludr all the defenders and decides to not pass the ball
and keep it himself and takes it down to the goal and shoots and
fails to score thus not winning the game. The player watches multiply
views of the missed shot after the game. The tagline of the tune
is "He should have passed the ball".

Al also said he has no personal interest in any game that takes 90
minutes to end in a tie. :-) He however did sat that he has become a
fan of American football, though.

I suspect that some rendition will be available in the near future
from somewhere.


09. März 2007

Krysia Kristianne ist tot

ein Bild

Hier der Abdruck der Original-Nachricht, die ich heute von Neville Judd bekommen habe:


It is with great sadness that I am writing to tell you that Krysia died, after a long illness, in Portland Oregon on February 21st.
From "Past, Present and Future" through to "Indian Summer", her beautiful voice was part of Al's concerts and albums and was therefore part of all of our lives in a magical way.
There is a Memorial Service this Saturday morning (March 10th) in Los Angeles at 11am, local time.
In order for her many fans around the world to be a part of the service, could I suggest that you play one of those albums at that time and think about someone that enriched all of our lives.
Thank you.

Neville Judd


März 2007

Collectors´ Choice Music veröffentlicht 13 CD`s aus Al`s Backkatalog

Collectors´Choice Music legt in Amerika 13 Alben wieder auf. Als offizieller Veröffentlichungs-Termin wird der 26.06.07 genannt. Die CD`s sind allerdings jetzt schon und nur über den Import erhältlich.

Mit Ausnahme des "Indian Summer" Albums enthalten sämtliche CD`s Bonustracks, die teilweise noch nie veröffentlicht wurden.

- Bedsitter Images: erstmals als Einzel-CD mit 13 Tracks (aus beiden Bedsitter-Alben). Bonus-Tracks ist "Go Your Own Way" aus Al`s 1965er Schallplattenaufnahme, die jedoch nie veröffentlicht wurde. Zweiter Bonustrack: "My Contemporaries", das sich an The Who`s "My Generation" anlehnt.

- Love Chronicles: ebenfalls erstmals als Einzel-CD enthält sie folgende Bonus-Tracks: "Jackdaw" aus dem Fanclub-Album "SLAGIATT", das unveröffentlichte "She Follows Her Own Rules" und das ebenfalls offiziell nie erschienene Demo "Fantasy".

- Zero She Flies ist das letzte Album, das es noch nie auf einer einzelnen CD gab. Es enthält als bisher unveröffentlichen Bonus "Stormy Night" (eine frühe Aufnahme mit Peter White), einen Remix von "News From Spain" und "Lyke Wake Dirge" (Al im Duett mit Mimi Farina).

- Orange: Bonus-Tracks sind eine neue Version von "Soho (Needless To Say)" (SLAGIATT), "Elvaston Place" und das unveröffentliche Demo von "It Doesn`t Matter Any More".

- Modern Times enthält zusätzlich die Demos von " A Sense Of Deja Vu" und "Willie The King", sowie den Track "Swallow Wind".

- 24 Carrots: "The Ringing Of The Bells" und "Ton Ton Macoute" sind zwei fertige Studio-Tracks, die damals für das Label Arista aufgenommen wurden, es zur Veröffentlichung jedoch nicht geschafft haben. Aus dem Fanclub-Album "SLAGIATT" stammt "Candy Came Back".

- Indian Summer: Diese CD enthält erstmals komplett den Inhalt der damals veröffentlichten Live/Studio Doppel-LP.

- Russians And Americans: "The World According To Garp" und aus dem "SLAGIATT"-Album "In Red Square" sowie "How Does It Happen" sind als Zugabe hier zu finden.

- Last Days Of The Century: Bonus: Die beiden unveröffentlichten Tracks "Ten Cents" und "Dreaming", zusammen mit Tori Amos geschrieben, sowie die Vocal-Version von "Ghostly Horses Of The Plain" (SLAGIATT).

- Rhymes In Rooms: Das Akustik-Live-Album mit Peter White enthält als Bonus eine frühe Demoversion von "Timeless Skies" (hier noch unter dem Titel "Warm California Night") und Al´s Version des Elvis Costello Songs "London`s Brilliant Parade".

- Famous Last Words: Mit "The Coldest Winter In Memory" haben wir hier einen meiner Meinung nach absoluten Mega-Kracher, gefolgt von "Blow Your Mansion Down" und "In The Dark", alles von dem "SLAGIATT"-Album. Lediglich das erstgenannte Stück war schon einmal offiziell auf der 5-CD-Box "Just Yesterday" vertreten, die beiden anderen auf der 2006er Remastered-CD, die in Europa veröffentlicht wurde.

- Between The Wars: Auch hier stammen die Bonus-Tracks von der "SLAGIATT"-CD: "The Bear Farmers Of Birnam" aus dem Pariser Live-Konzert mit Peter White sowie "Merry Monks".

- Down In The Cellar ist für Amerika eine Premiere, da dort nach dem Bankrott der Plattenfirma Miramar offiziell nie veröffentlicht. "Dark Side" und "Belsize Blues" (aus dem "25 Jahre Year Of The Cat" Album) gibt es als Dreingabe.